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Updated: May 23, 2019

Pageant competition can be exciting. Various pageant competition are presented yearly and the women takes months and even years to prepare for such a big opportunity. Pageant are different from fashion shows. Pageant focuses on the individual, their gift and every they bring to the today. A Beauty Pageant, on the other hand, is completely different. It is a competition which usually pits female contestants against each other. The main competition is based on beauty, but will also include aspects of personality, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges' questions. The judges will judge the contestants on this basis and will announce a winner at the end. Fashion shows focus on the designer and clothing or accessories being displayed during the show. Fashion show is a show for a fashion designer to show off his or her new collection of fashion designs. The event usually takes place during Fashion Week, and often showcases the designer’s upcoming line of clothing for the next season. The seasons are usually divided into the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons. The famous and popular designers usually have a show for each season.

Miss Europe Continental-Georgia

Miss Europe Continental is a competition of European beauty whose objective is the promotion of the culture, the beauty and the female talent. This year we will have a World final and a European Final in Italy in November.

The organization has partnered with J Victorian Model & Fashion Agency who organize the competition in Georgia. Selecting one young lady to represent her nation in the final of Miss Europe Continental in the World.

Model Casting Call

The winner of Miss Europe Continental in the World 2019 takes part in the European Final where all the finalists will challenge each other for the crown of Miss Europe Continental 2019

The candidates must have:

· -an age included between the seventeen and twenty-eight years old

·         - a minimum height from 1.70 cm

We Need You!

Calling all business owners, entrepreneurs, free lancers, artist and more we need you to partner with us. Looking Sponsors, vendors, partners and volunteers. We are hosting our local event early fall. We are looking for atleast 15 vendors, sponsors to help this event be a major success. Please view our website for more details at www.jvictorianagency.com/events #modesl #modeling #women #pageants #competition #italy #europe #misseurope

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