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Steps to land the perfect audition!

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Are you an aspiring actor or actress? Do you have trouble landing auditions or getting the call back? Well, it could be several factors hindering your booking process. In the details below, we will outline areas of concerns.

Let's talk about it.

Did you research the organization offering the role of your interest?

This is an important step, learn more about the company as well as the part you want to land. Be prepared, understand the character and dress the part. Be sure to follow the instructions of the casting director. Wear the appropriate attire to include: shoes, top, bottom and have hair and make-up applied properly.

Avoid these mistakes

No children, family or friends during audition casting unless requested by director.

Don't spend unnecessary time viewing your mobile device. Place phone on silent until complete. Unless an emergency arise, no phone calls during the audition. Place personal items to the side unless it's being used a prop for the audition. No profanity or disrespectful behavior during the audition. Never ask the casting agent for their personal information.

To Do

Show respect to everyone during the casting time. Be kind and courteous. Be on-time, arrive atleast 15 minutes before the expected time. Be prepared, know your role and know your lines. Give it all you have, and remove the nervous energy. Practice ahead of time and come ready to perform.

Can We Help?

Did you know J Victorian Model & Fashion Agency offers guidance and development techniques to assist talent? We book talents for gigs and assist with development. We create marketing materials to include flyers, poster, comp cards and portfolios. We also custom design websites for individuals or companies. Take your career to the next level. It's time to step out and step up. Allow us to assist you in this process. Feel free to visit or email

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