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Updated: May 1, 2019

Some people have an eye for fashion, while others struggle to keep up. We understand some people need help with keeping their fashions up to par. "Curvy women struggle a little to find the perfect look to compliment their body-type." See photo suggestions how this beautiful model perfectly complimented her curves and look fabulous while doing it.

Here are some great fashion tips:

* Be you, find creativity in your personal style

* Less is more, don't wear all designers items at the same time (mix-match with a simple item)

* Wear it, don't allow it to wear you

* Compliment your body type

* Just because it's available in your size doesn't mean it's for you

* Make it POP with color

Dare to be different!
These jumpsuits and pieces are sure to stop traffic. Lace pink ruffle jumpsuit can be viewed at see these and looks at below. Some items are available for purchase at the above link or

Accessorize to Magnify

Dress to impress is common term heard in the fashion industry. But, this statement doesn't have to mean wearing suits, gowns or formal attire on daily. Instead it means, put your best foot forward. Great accessories tend to push the outfit to the next level.

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