Our mission is to manage, promote and develop models, actors, actresses and designers to excel to new heights.  Our Agency has created more opportunities to give people a chance showboat their talents with professionalism. We welcome the opportunity to service and represent you. Our goal is to market you for the best opportunities available around the world. Our mission is to see the best in you, encourage you to be all you can be, and trust in Him the creator of all things.


J Victorian organization is growing leader in the  beauty industry.

J Victorian has a variety of fashions in our online store. We are developing a our own private custom label items. As we host shows throughout each year, we look forward into meeting new people.










This agency was founded in September 2011. J Victorian’s name was created from spiritual connection and a personal vision and dream. The visionary of this Agency not only paved the way for herself but has created a way for others to launch their careers in modeling and acting field. Ms. Jennifer Benefield dreamed of being a part of the modeling and acting industry. Throughout her lifetime, she had several obstacles along the path. She continued to strive for success and pressed on despite the barriers along the way. 

 J Victorian Model & Fashion Agency has partnered and connected with several industry professionals. We had the pleasure to produce casting calls, fashion shows, networking mixers and several other shows over last several years. Talents from this agency have been referred and booked with big named organizations such as American Idol, Cirque Du Soleil, Nascar, New York Fashion Week, and a host of other gigs. At

J Victorian Model & Fashion Agency our services consist of the following: we book, develop and manage talents (models, artist, actors). We offer creative direction for events or shows. We host casting calls, auditions, fashion shows and other events in the entertainment and beauty industry. We offer design services: web, marketing materials, brochures and more.

J Victorian currently affiliates with our partner companies

J Victorian Elite Services, LLC and J Victorian Virgin Hair Boutique with exclusive J Victorian fashion designs -coming soon- online ready-to-wear boutique with (men & women fashions) accessories, beauty and hair products.

J Victorian Elite Services, LLC offer’s business services & 


Colors of this website has history link to values to live byPurple represent royalty, Black represent death of old self, White represent purification, Silver represent the price paid for redemption ,  last but not least the Red accent represent the bloodshed for all. A Diamond has a history of its own; the process is long and intense. A Diamond endures high pressure and high temperature. The quality of a Diamond is only determined when you look inside with a magnifying glass. We are Diamonds in  a rough, God looks down at us and lends a hand to pull us out of hard places and  set us on a sure foundation.

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